Beaver Pancakes


Chickasaw Copper Counting


The Beavers had great fun collecting 1p and 2p coins which were then used to make pictures of roosters (a Chinese New Year theme) before gathering all the coins together to raise money for the Scout Group. In total they raised £16.80, so thank you Beavers and adults for your generosity !

Beaver Night Hike


Chickasaw Beavers had an excellent night hike on Weds 9th Nov – we met at Radwell and walked in the dark through scary woods and muddy fields back to the Scout Hut on a cold evening. Everyone had a great time and the Beavers really appreciated the help from a number of parents who walked with us – having extra parent help doubled the adventure as it allowed us to split into two groups and try different routes back to the hut.

CreArtIvity 19 Oct 2016


We had a great evening at CreArtIvity where the Beavers painted some fantastic models and really showed how artistic they are.

We also congratulated Matthew Godefroy, Harry Yates and Jacob Backhouse on achieveing their Chief Scout Bronze Award which was presented by our GSL, Ric.

Matthew, Harry, Jacob and Charlie Powell also moved on from Beavers and we wish them all well for the future in Cubs.

Here are some photos on Flickr, just click on the link below.


Chickasaw Beavers Summer Term & Sept 2016


We’re just catching up with our photos after a great end to the summer term and a fantastic start to a new year of Beavering adventure …

Here are some photos from our recent adventures, just click on the links

We had a visit from the RNLI in July:

Followed by our own Olympics night:

So far in September we have finished off scarecrows for the festival, learnt how to tie knots, made our own boats and floated them (well OK some sank) down the river …

Boyd Field 15th June 2016


Hats, Crowns and the National Anthem


This Wednesday we celebrated the Queen’s official birthday by making hats (in case any of us get an invitation to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace!) or crowns. We also learnt to sing the National Anthem ! Click the link below for more photos.


River Wading


Chickasaw Beavers had their annual river wading expedition on Weds 18th May – lucikly the rain held off for long enough for us to explore the river and in most cases get very wet …