Information Pack

A Guide for New Members and their Parents
1st Stotfold Scout Group are part of the Biggleswade and District. Our members are girls and boys aged between 10½ and 14, and they take part in an active, exciting, fun, and adventurous programme of activities. We camp several times through the year.

scout uniformThe Scout uniform consists of a shirt, neckerchief with woggle, trousers and belt.

• Dark green long-sleeved shirt
• Navy Blue Activity Trousers
• Group neckerchief (yellow and green) and woggle
• Brown leather belt with buckle bearing the Scout Badge should be worn with trousers when the shirt is worn and is optional for use under the sweatshirt.

There is also an Activity Uniform for the messy and active activities. This uniform is a 1st Stotfold Scout hoodie and the navy blue uniform trousers.

Uniforms can be purchased from the Scout Shop at Boyd Field, which is open on a Tuesday evening 7:00pm to 8:30pm. This is our local shop and proceeds go back into the Biggleswade District, so support it if you can.

They are also available on-line at or from the Scout & Guide Shop in Icknield Way, Letchworth on Thursdays between 6:00 and 8:00pm.

A second hand uniform shop is in operation within the Scout Group run by John McBurney. Please contact John McBurney on or 01462 627935 for more information.

Camping and Sleepovers
Camping is an important part of Scouting and we try to organise several camps every year. These are usually at weekends, or during the school holidays. Our summer camp, which is seen as the main camp of the year, is during the school summer holidays, lasts a week, and is away from the local area.

See the events calendar for details of current and future camps.

A list of past camps can be found in our archive.

Money Matters
Scouts are changed subs of £30 per term which covers normal weekly meeting costs, insurance, upkeep of the Scout Hut and the troop administration costs. Camps are charged in addition to this, as are special meetings such as bowling, skiing, karting and most weekend activities.

We do not accept any cash payments and ask that subs are paid termly or half termly. Payment should be by cheque, made payable to 1st Stotfold Ridgway Scout Troop and placed in an envelope marked with the Scout’s name or by bank transfer.

Leader Contacts
If you have any problems or queries, please don’t hesitate in contacting any of the leaders. You can find there details on the Contacts page. We are there to help you and your child.

Health/Contact Information
We have personal information forms that we require to be filled in. These will give us all the information required should there be any need to contact parents or for medical purposes.

The forms list contact information and medical information. You will be given the relevant forms when your child starts at cubs.
Please return these forms to a Leader as soon as possible.

When attending a camp you will be asked to complete a permission to camp form. This asks for more detailed information required for a camp.

What is Scouting?
Scouts were started over 100 years ago, by Sir Robert Baden-Powell.   He was a soldier, and got the idea while he was serving in the African town of Mafeking. He brought this idea home to England after the war, and tried it out with several groups of young boys from all over the country, and from different walks of life. This ended up with him organising a camp on the now famous Brownsea Island.

The old fashioned approach of ‘DYB DYB DYB’ and wide brimmed hats went out of the window at the review of Scouting in 1964, so we won’t make you wear silly hats unless you want to.

Scouting still remains one of the biggest movements in the world.

Scouts is the next step on from Cubs and in Scouts you will participate in activities which will test you to the limits both mentally and physically. The leaders will try to encourage you to do this as much as possible, but in the end, it is down to you to show us what you can do.

“It is a movement, because it moves forward. As soon as it stops moving, it becomes as Organisation, and is no longer Scouting. — Sir Robert Baden-Powell.

What do we do?
Scout activities are a combination of learning and having fun. They learn about themselves and how to look after themselves, they get to know people from their local community. They find out about life in other countries and explore through organised activities. They care by helping those around them.
he Scout programme and activities are based on six Programme Zones, these are:

  • Scoutcraft & Adventure
  • Global
  • Community
  • Fit for Life
  • Exploring Beliefs & Attitudes
  • Creative Expression

It is by participating in a Balanced Programme that the Scout experiences Scouting. The Balanced Programme provides opportunities for growth and development in Six personal development areas. These are:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Faith & Belief
  • Relationships
  • Community
  • Surroundings

“How do I find out about these activities and events?”
A programme and information pack is e-mailed out 3 times a year giving both parents and Scouts a detailed programme showing all the organised events for the next few months.

If you are not sure about the arrangements for a Troop activity, do have a chat with the Leaders after a Troop meeting or contact them at home. Copies of important letters can be found on the troop letters page.

Do You Want to Help?
Your child may come home from a Troop meeting and say “I need to know how to build an open fire for camp!”

Your child expects you to be interested and will get much more out of Scouting if you are prepared to offer your support. There are lots of ways in which you can help, for example:-

Helping prepare refreshments for a Group event
Helping transport Scouts to events and outings or move kit to camp
Supporting the Scout Group’s social events, Annual General Meeting, and Open Evenings
Joining the Scout Group Executive Committee to help them raise funds and manage the Scout Group.

The Group Executive Committee
Each year, the Scout Group elects an Executive Committee consisting of a number of parents and various Leaders in the Group to carry out the day to day tasks of running the Scout Group. They are responsible for purchasing equipment and maintaining Group property. The function of the Group Executive Committee is also to support and help the Scout Group Leader carry out his or her role in maintaining an effective and successful Scout Group.

What do you gain from helping?
You will have the opportunity to meet a variety of new people and make a real contribution to help your local community. Please do not be shy to offer your help and if you feel you have any skills to offer to the Beaver Scout Pack please contact your Beaver Scout Leader. By playing your part and supporting your child you will share the enjoyment, friendship and fun of the family of Scouting.

The Scout Promise and Law

The Scout Promise
On my honour,
I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to God and to the Queen
To help other people
And to keep the Scout Law

The Scout Law

A Scout is to be trusted
A Scout is loyal
A Scout is friendly and considerate
A Scout is a brother to all Scouts
A Scout has courage in all his difficulties
A Scout makes good use of his time and is careful of possessions and property
A Scout has respect for himself and for others


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